The Ultimate Way To Treat Yourself

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✨Cbd oil for anxiety. Lion's mane for productivity. Collagen for dewy skin. Meditation to feel more calm.✨ I'm obsessed with all things self care - basically anything in the wellness world that'll make me feel good. I think a lot of us are. [Stay with me...]

I just listened to an episode from the porch podcast called A thirsty woman, celebs, and soul care [thanks to Olivia Rink] and it blew me away you guys.

The host David Marvin talks about how there are infinite ways to practice self care, but the ultimate way to treat yourself is time spent alone with God in his word. It's a great way to get crystal clear about your purpose and where He is calling you next.

Here's the thing - I can do all the wellness-y stuff...drink green juice, get vitamin drips, wear clay masks...yet still feel empty. It's like trying to fill a void that only God can fill.

If I don’t prioritize a relationship & time alone with Him [as part of my self care], I'll aimlessly go from HIIT class to cryotherapy session. All these things that I do to feel good will always leave me unfulfilled if it’s not accompanied by His presence.

Moral of the story - my craving to feel good [joyful, energized, at peace] is a craving for God. Inviting him in to wherever I am just makes life so much better.

Take a listen to the podcast [here] - it's a goodie. 💓

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