The Key To Living Your Best Life

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A strong immune system is the key 🔑 to living your best life. Think about it…
When you have a cold or flu, you’re lifeless. When you’re not sick, you have ENERGY to do what you want to do. Health is everything.

Keep your immune system strong. Here are 3 supplements [add-ons] that give you a competitive edge at the first sign of a cold/flu.

✨Chaga. This medicinal mushroom is having a major moment right now. Chaga works as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body - especially the immune system - regulate itself during times of stress. We all know stress has a special way of running us down and making us feel not so great. I love to sip on @foursigmatic chaga elixir. I mix it in warm water with a splash of coconut milk. Or sometimes I'll add the elixir powder to baked goods like my paleo pumpkin muffins [recipe here].

✨Oregano. Oil of Oregano is known for its immune boosting properties. It fights infections naturally due to its antibacterial compounds. I like to add oil of oregano drops to bone broth soup or I'll just put a few drops under my tongue [when I feel a cold coming on] and take it back like a champ.

✨Probiotics. Probiotics are magical you guys. They're good bacteria that's great for the gut. They help you digest nutrients. They give your immune system a boost. And what I find super cool is that probiotics are known to reduce sugar cravings and inflammation as well as boost energy levels and mood. 💥 Personally I'm a huge fan of @gardenoflife dr. formulated once daily women's. I also love to eat a serving of fermented foods every day. I often add fermented sauerkraut to my morning scrambled eggs. Or I'll snack on fermented coconut yogurt with roasted squash and nut butter. Or I'll sip on kombucha [fermented tea] during happy hours if I'm in the sober curious mood.