Trending: Cortisol Conscious Workouts

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Thank goodness we are coming to terms with the idea that long punishing workouts aren’t always better. ✨They trigger a release of cortisol aka: our stress hormone. Cortisol is not cool. It primes your body for injury as well as signals it to store fat.

Translation: Those hour long runs followed by lifting weights til it *hurts so good* can actually backfire on you and prevent you from mastering your fitness goals.

It makes sense so many fitness enthusiasts are starting to turn to sweat sessions that are more hormone-conscious.
Short workouts are becoming the new norm and I'm HERE FOR IT you guys...

✨I love resistance training. It makes me feel strong and powerful. Added bonus: it builds that body-shaping metabolism-boosting muscle.

✨I also love endurance training. It makes me feel happier, energized and I'm much more creative at work.

✨What I love most though is high intensity interval training. They're super quick 7-10 minute routines that work.

HIIT is the killer combo of weight lifting and endurance exercises yet it's way. more. effective. While resistance training increases human growth hormone (HGH) in men and women by 200-700%, HIIT increases HGH by 2000%. 💥

You may already know that HGH builds muscle but it also benefits the brain by boosting memory + mood. On top of that, it prevents aging and keeps us feeling #foreveryoung.

If you're looking for the perfect feel good plan try HIIT workouts 2-3 times a week with active recovery sprinkled in the mix like yoga and hiking.

FitnessJessica Dogert