THIS workout delivers BETTER RESULTS than HIIT

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HIIT workouts have always been my workout of choice....until now.
New science suggests a 4 minute SIT workout delivers BETTER RESULTS than HIIT.

Wait a second, what even is a SIT workout?
SIT stands for sprint interval training. SIT workouts combine short bursts [30 seconds] of maximum effort sprints followed by long rest periods [4 minutes]. In a new meta-analysis, researchers compared HIIT and SIT to figure out which is most efficient by analyzing more than 70 scientific studies, and the results came through loud and clear.... SIT burns 40% more fat than HIIT in 60% less time. - Run Repeat

Why SIT works is two fold...
1. You're working out at 90-100% effort - the highest intensity possible.
2. You go from one extreme to the other and back again. Think about it... HIIT workouts are intense but you're hanging out somewhere between a 4-8 on the effort scale.

SIT, on the other hand, you're all in [10] or all out [0]. This extreme jump in intensity is what produces results.

SIT has actually led me to become a more ✨CONSISTENT✨ exerciser. Listen - I know I should workout often. And I WANT to workout often because I feel way better when I do. The hardest part for me has always been showing up. Anyone else? Well...I show up way more knowing all I have to do is push myself through an intense 30 second sprint, followed by 4 minutes of earned rest.

Want to try sprint interval training [SIT] for yourself? Of course you do... Here’s how it’s done: Sprint for 30 seconds at maximum effort. [I like to sprint up the stairs of my condo building] Rest for 4 minutes. Repeat a total of 8x.

I've been doing SIT workouts 2x per week and have been loving the fact that I can get a rush of feel good endorphins in 4 minutes flat.

Let's be honest - The blissful mood boost is the main reason I work out in the first place. The fact that SIT can help you burn fat fast... added bonus. 💥

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