Eustress: the good kind of stress

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.46.19 AM.png

This photo stresses me out -- but in a GOOD way. [more on that later] It's a #bts shot of what photo shoots really look like...they're MESSY.

Truth is: there's a lot of content planning [recipe development, prop list, etc] that goes into a shoot. Not to mention feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera takes practice too.

Photo shoots stir up the good, fun stress in me. WAIT...stress can be good?? Oh yeah!!! There's a specific kind of stress called ✨eustress✨ that's actually really really GOOD for you!! Eustress is that energizing, motivating stress that can boost your performance and benefit your overall wellbeing. It feels exciting...unlike negative stress, which we all know tends to make us feel like we’re suffocating.

Eustress pops up in my life ALL THE are a few recent examples: When I finally met up with my online crush, when I traveled to Austin for a wellness conference, when I taped a TV segment for Living Healthy Chicago.

You’ve probably felt eustress without even knowing it. Some common scenarios where it could pop up for you: when you're preparing to walk down the aisle in a week, when you're exercising, when you become a new parent.

Pretty cool to think that stress can actually be enjoyable and that you can benefit from it. I mean who doesn't want to experience that rush of nervous excitement every day? That's living to me.

WellnessJessica Dogert