Brain Boosting Nootropics

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A little dose of #limitless anyone? ⚡️ If you're looking to fine-tune your mind and do more than keep up with your inboxes and to-do lists then nootropics are for you.

Nootropics are getting serious attention and for good reason.

They're fuel your brain craves to fight brain fog, hack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus, and energy.

These Silicon Valley-born supplements, popularized by #biohackers, are truly your brains best friend. And they're popping up everywhere. Hello @foursigmatic focus shot and @beekeepers_naturals b-lxr.

I love nootropics you guys. Things like lion's mane [a medicinal mushroom] and l-theanine [found in matcha] keep me in a focused flow state to get stuff done. (*insert Lion Heart Matcha from @hivibechi here*) Even caffeine [coffee] and omega 3 fats [salmon] are considered part of the nootropic fam. So you're most likely already consuming these cognitive enhancers and don't even realize it. How cool is that.

Why all this focus on brain health right now? Because THE BRAIN RUNS THE SHOW…your show. Mood, focus, creativity and confidence are all brain phenomena. 💥

WellnessJessica Dogert