How To Set Boundaries

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✨You care - and you show it by doing the most. But a healthy 'no' can help set boundaries✨ @shinetext

You guys!! I use to say YES to every good opportunity that came my way. And it ran me down. Mentally and physically.

When I finally started to say no to the good & let go of things that no longer served me.... it allowed me to go ALL IN on things that I'm truly so passionate about. These things that I say yes to challenge me and allow me to grow and be all that God is calling me to be.

Here's the thing... saying no to something is really saying yes to something else, usually yourself or a project that lights you up.

Questions I now ask myself before I say yes............
▪️Does it help me grow?
▪️Does it make me happy?
▪️Does it make me money?
▪️Does it make me feel creative?
▪️Does it challenge me in a good way?

Our time + energy is our most valuable asset. Where we spend it is everything.

I thank God daily for giving me the courage, even when it's been uncomfortable, to say no to the good so I have enough time + energy to say yes to things that help me create a life I love and enjoy living.

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