JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out

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✨JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out✨
You’re in the moment, enjoying what you’re doing, and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everyone else is up to.

In other words: JOMO is not feeling the NEED to Instastory your adaptogenic bulletproof coffee or your sunrise rooftop yoga session. It’s also not feeling the NEED to catch up on everybody else’s picture perfect lives on social.

What I love most about JOMO is that it embraces the here and now. Instead of scrolling through Instastories the minute you wake up, you find joy in something like a cup of coffee & a good read.

Practicing JOMO works!
I've been experimenting with no social media scrolling the minute I wake up for the past few weeks and it's been a game changer to not only my morning routine but also my outlook on the day ahead... I'm no longer captivated by other peoples highlight reel. Instead I'm enjoying my own life. I take time to read my devotional then I go for a walk before the day starts.

Sure, we need our phones for communication. We just don’t need them glued to our hips 24/7. JOMO is about finding that balance. Not only does technology lead to constant distraction from real life, research suggests social media leads to stress + anxiety. Somethings gotta change...

Practice JOMO daily.

Here's how: Do a DIGITAL DETOX. Try these 3 things...

Track how much you use your phone each day and cut back. Go to settings on your phone. Click battery. It'll show proportion of battery used by each app in the last 24 hours in addition to time on screen. When you stop to realize that hours of your day was spent on your phone...major wake up call.

Establish tech-free times, such as the hour before bed or the first hour after waking.

Designate tech-free places, such as the dinner table or your bedroom.

Put down your phone and enjoy your life.

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