Try Intermittent Fasting

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Want insanely more energy and focus, reduced cravings, increased fat burning and to age more gracefully?

Of course you do. 😉 Try Intermittent Fasting...

"It's a natural way to boost energy and focus and follow your dreams in a way you never thought was possible." @marisa_moon_

Q: What IS Intermittent Fasting?
A: It's a pattern of eating where you eat during certain times and then fast during others.

Intermittent Fasting is all about when you eat. Many people hear the word “fast” and think IF is a plan about starving, but that is not the case. You’re not actually focused on eating less, you’re just trying to eat your meals in a shorter window of time. It’s not meant to be deprivation, it just gives your body a rest & reset.

How to: There are several ways to do IF but one of the more popular ways is eating for 8 hours a day and fasting for 16 hours. Some people like this strict protocol but personally I like a more intuitive approach. I recommend a lighter version of intermittent fasting where you eat for 12 hours and then you don’t eat for 12 hours (think 8pm to 8am) to allow your body to rest.

Giving your body time & space without food is very healing, reparative, and your body can do its own auto-clean mode, just like an oven.

IF has been life changing for me [and so many of my clients as well]. We notice insanely more energy, enhanced mental clarity, reduced cravings, and effortless weight maintenance. 💥

PS: My favorite person and co host of the foundation of wellness podcast @marisa_moon_ recently launched an online course called Intermittent Fasting Freedom and she's sharing a free pdf guide with my followers called 4 steps to successfully IF - download it here. ✨