productivity hack: OHIO

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OHIO is a ✨productivity hack✨ that has changed my life. Bold statement I know...

In short, the goal is to only handle it once [OHIO]. Read an email? Respond right away. See a text or DM? Respond right away.

No delaying, no overthinking. Just do it. 💥

This genius idea💡which was outlined by an MIT efficient expert in Extreme Productivity has really helped me manage my workload. If you put off answering that email or text or DM you might believe you’re not thinking about it, but let’s be real: Knowing that you need to respond is always there, just bubbling under the surface.

That's where OHIO has helped me... When I need to do something - from the mundane, like answering an email, to the more exciting, like writing talking points for my next tv segment - the best course of action is always to just do it. As soon as the email lands in my inbox, as soon as a friend texts asking to get dinner on Saturday night...just take care of it, then and there. Then it's not weighing on my mind.

OHIO works so well because it's not asking you to do a million things at once. It’s simply asking you to micro focus. Do one task. Pause. Do another task. Repeat. And move on with your day feeling productive and clear headed.

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