Get out of your COMFORT ZONE

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Want to improve your performance, your creativity and your happiness? Get out of your ✨COMFORT ZONE✨. That's where the magic happens.

Being uncomfortable is something we should all embrace. Putting ourselves in new and unfamiliar situations triggers a part of the brain that releases dopamine, nature's feel good hormone.

For me - getting uncomfortable has been saying no to things that don't light me up, being more vulnerable and doing nothing.

Saying no more has allowed me to say yes to opportunities that excite me, challenge me and allow me to grow and be all that God is calling me to be.

To be vulnerable means allowing others to know your true, authentic self. Opening up, having hard conversations and sharing my flaws with others has led to stronger relationships.

Doing nothing (meditating or just being still and taking deep breaths) has always felt unproductive to me. But it has really helped me to feel more calm, less frazzled and overall happier. Doing nothing also allows you to reflect, recharge and design your dream life.

Here are a few [wellness-y] ways to get uncomfortable:

✨Lift heavy. Pushing your muscles past the point of comfort will help to build that body-shaping, metabolism-boosting muscle.

✨Intermittent fast. We aren't meant to eat around the clock. Giving your body time & space without food is very healing, reparative, and your body can do its own auto-clean mode, just like an oven. Note: IF isn't about eating less, it's just shorting your window of opportunity to eat. Challenge yourself to fast 12-14 hours. Promise, it's easier than you think.

✨Get hot/cold. We’re constantly adjusting the temperature around us to make sure we’re perfectly comfortable. Take contrast showers or use your gym's sauna or try cryotherapy [or just take a walk outside if you live in the Midwest]. Hot/cold showers in particular are known to energize you, burn fat, help your muscles recover faster and build willpower + discipline.

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