The MAGIC behind weighted blankets...

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Want the best sleep of your life? Invest in a weighted blanket.

Over the holidays my mom bought me a weighted blanket from @myblanquil and I AM OBSESSED you guys!!

To me, sleep is one of the most crucial things in living a healthy lifestyle... Getting sufficient high-quality sleep helps sharpen your memory and brain function, helps your muscles build and recover, helps your immune system detoxify, and helps you FEEL GOOD [refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the day ahead].

The ✨MAGIC✨ behind weighted blankets...

They help you relax.
Weighted blankets are designed to hug you back at night closely mimicking how a parent holds their child while they are asleep. Hugs boost your endorphins and increase the production of serotonin — aka the happy hormone. Higher levels of serotonin and endorphins equal less stress, anxiety relief, and basically the best sleep of your life.

They also help you live your best life. Bold statement, I know. But hear me out...When you feel more rested you can do more of the things you were called to do. 💥

So who's investing in a weighted blanket??

Other things I love for sleep...
diffusing lavender oil to #relax, wearing blue light blocking glasses while on electronics to block harmful emfs, drinking a cbd mushroom mocha before bed to unwind, and wearing an eye mask during sleep to block out those bright city lights.

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