The best mood lifting, feel-good foods


I'm a firm believer that healthy = happy, which is why I've decided to share my 5 favorite feel-good foods. Not only are these grocery list staples extremely good for you, but they also have magical (ok, nutritional) properties that can get you feeling happy and stress-free. Scroll down to see 5 of my favorite foods that will boost your mood naturally.

1) Probiotic-Rich Foods

Probiotics have been found to be promising treatments for anxiety & depression

Get your fix: Add a daily dose of healthy probiotic powerhouses like kimchi, kombucha or coconut yogurt. Ideas: 

- Add kimchi to cauliflower fried rice
- Hack happy hour by replacing sugar-y mixers with kombucha
- Top cinnamon roasted veggies with coconut yogurt, nut butter and grainless granola 

2) Fruits & Veggies

Researchers found that a higher intake of produce resulted in more energy, calm, and a greater sense of happiness with the magic number being 7 daily servings. 

Get your fix: Make a quick green juice. Blend 1 cup cold water with 1 cup spinach and a squeeze of lemon. If you want it a little sweeter, add 1/2 cup of frozen unsweetened berries!

3) Dark Chocolate

Researchers found eating an ounce and a half of dark chocolate daily for 2 weeks reduced levels of stress hormones in people who rated themselves as highly stressed. 

Get your fix: Snack on a no sugar trail-mix of unsweetened coconut flakes + cacao nibs + sprouted nuts. 

4) Salmon

Foods high in omega-3's (walnuts count, too) help banish depression and mood swings while also improving your focus and memory

Get your fix: Skip the bread crumbs and use finely chopped walnuts as a coating for salmon. 

5) Ashwagandha

A study found this herbal root lowered cortisol levels, a stress hormone that’s associated with weight gain, poor sleep, and mood swings. 

Get your fix: Add a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder (I buy mine online from Sun Potion) to a turmeric or matcha latte. 

Bonus: Both turmeric and matcha are linked to major #feelgoodvibes as well!


Happy looks good on you.