Before launching Mindful Musing, I graduated from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) with dual majors in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness & Health. While attending college, I joined a sorority and was a health and human science ambassador.  I had to hustle hard (to say the least).  After college and post a dietetic internship at U of C Medicine Ingalls Memorial, I took an untraditional route as a registered dietitian nutritionist. I have gotten my feet wet in food start-ups and work with a national nutrition expert. Basically, I adore everything wellpreneurial.

God placed the desire in my heart to launch a wellness website years ago. I'm SO excited to let Him continue to work through me so I can share my purpose and passion with my Mindful Musing readers.

Oh, and I very much enjoy reading my morning devotional, listening to podcasts, researching the latest wellness trends, shopping at specialty grocery stores and eating coconut butter by the spoonful. 

Neuro-nutrition is my jam. Topics like nootropics, CBD oil, adaptogens, happiness hacks, you get it…are discussed on Mindful Musings. You definitely won't just find weight loss tips and beauty boosters on my blog (although they are there). WHY all this focus on brain health…and why the name Mindful Musing? Because THE BRAIN RUNS THE SHOW…your show.  Mood, focus, creativity and confidence are all brain phenomena.  Plus, things like stress + anxiety are real issues that I believe women want to discuss/resolve.  Here's to making mental wellness sexy…beginning 2018. #thatmindthough   

Mindful Musings is more than a nutrition blog, it provides readers with lifestyle balancing food, fitness, non-toxic beauty, nutrition, and wellness perspectives and insights. My goal is to use the journal as a platform to connect with women from around the world & showcase the fact that true transformation occurs only when you nourish your body, your mind, AND your soul. 

Through my journey of learning how to care for my brain & body I've become an expert who can help you. I love to educate women on optimizing mental performance, gut health, stress resilience and teaching them to love themselves.

You deserve to thrive - to experience radiant health, to feel good, really good, and to live a life way beyond your wildest dreams. And I will help you get there.

See ya on the blog!